What initially begin as immense, heavy sounds move into subtle electronic drones on this excellent, five-piece CDR by experimental musician Lea Cummings. Two of the release's biggest strengths lie in its layering of different timbres-within-timbres and in its build up of tension and then descent into relief from that tension; just listening to the movement from the album's first to its second track is a major shift in mood, going from bleak and overwhelming, to restrained--as from its fourth to its final, fifth track, the sound goes from peaceful and beautiful to apprehensive, creating a circular feeling to the arc of the disc's overall sound. On one of the best tracks presented here, "The Vorticular Mechanics of the Aether," a more ambient approach is taken in composition, incorporating muted harmonies and wraithlike single notes above those harmonies. Compelling because it combines fleeting moments with an underscoring darkness, this CDR will reward patient listeners who take time with it. 9/10 -- Jordan Anderson (24 June, 2010) FOXY DIGITALIS

CDR - £5.00