You suffer finds Scottish Noise supre-mo Kylie Minoise doing their tribute/rethinking of the classic Napalm Death track, to celebrate  20 years anniversary of their debut album Scum. As most will know the original  version of the track, which appeared on Scum, was only 3 seconds long and somewhat of an audio pile-up in fine grindcore fashion. Here KM extends it out into one long track of mostly 'Wall noise' lasting just over an hour. Along the way surfacing ever so often from the pounding and punishing sound wall can be heard: grey and grim undertones,overloaded drum battering and guitar discharge. As with all 'Wall noise' it takes a few plays to understand and appreciate what is trying to be done here and of course with each replay new elements appear too. I have to say he's managed to capture very well the bleak, decaying tower block, white-neon burnt pupil feel of Scum and recreated it in a overloaded noise format.  Given the listener a reality disconnecting trip and vertigo inducing sound boiling, which will still ring through your very being for several minutes after it finishers. One for the more seasoned noise fan or 'Wall noise' fan.  A real head  frying experience, guaranteed to make you feel queasy  & leave your head in a spin....Musique Machine


CDR - £5.00